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MadamAlexander.Com is a reference database of Madame Alexander Dolls (Alexander Doll Company). We catalog Madame Alexander Dolls with Name, Years, Size, Estimated High and Low Values, what the doll is made of, doll size, eye type, eye color, hair color, hair type and other information we can find. We also try to provide links to the dolls on Amazon or Ebay. We use closed auction values, site for sale values to determine values (prices comparable on MIB dolls).
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Steadfast Tin Soldier and Ballerina, Madame Alexander 61650 82011Plastic/Vinyl$112.00$150.00
Heavenly Glow Tree Topper, Madame Alexander 60660 122011Plastic/Vinyl$85.00$100.00
Colonial Christmas, Madame Alexander 60755 82011Plastic/Vinyl$65.00$85.00
Classical Celtic Harp, Madame Alexander 61665 82011Plastic/Vinyl$80.00$170.00
Franken Wendy, Madame Alexander 61670 82011Plastic/Vinyl$42.00$85.00
My First Communion AA, Madame Alexander 38578 82011Plastic/Vinyl$75.00$95.00
Cupcake Wishes, Madame Alexander 61680 82011Plastic/Vinyl$45.00$70.00
In Your Easter Bonnet AA, Madame Alexander 61675a 82011Plastic/Vinyl$40.00$65.00
In Your Easter Bonnet , Madame Alexander 61675 82011Plastic/Vinyl$45.00$75.00
Emerald Isle, Madame Alexander 61705 82011Plastic/Vinyl$65.00$95.00
Tahiti, Madame Alexander 61700 102011Plastic/Vinyl$135.00$175.00
France, Madame Alexander 61695 82011Plastic/Vinyl$55.00$75.00
Gypsy, Madame Alexander 61685 82011Plastic/Vinyl$45.00$80.00
Spain, Madame Alexander 61710 102011Plastic/Vinyl$99.00$148.00
Ukraine, Madame Alexander 61690 82011Plastic/Vinyl$72.00$85.00
Holiday Romance, Madame Alexander 64225 102014Plastic/Vinyl$115.00$150.00
Mistletoe Kisses, Madame Alexander 64465 82014Plastic/Vinyl$77.00$90.00
Pinkalicious, Madame Alexander 52130 92011Plastic/Vinyl$42.00$45.00
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