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Steiff Ear Tag Informaton

The Steiff Ear Tag
The different types of ear tag distinguish one Steiff animal from another.
The Steiff "Button in Ear" tag


 is the symbol of quality from
   Margarete Steiff GmbH

 is the unique characteristic of a
   genuine Steiff product

 guarantees compliance with the
   European toy safety guidelines

 is a perforated, single-layer fabric
   tape since October 2000
   (previously two-layer)

 has been designed in such a way
   that children cannot harm
   themselves with a loop for safety
The three different ear tags
Yellow/red tag


This is used for the unlimited articles in the normal product range, including Cuddly Animals, Pets and Farm Animals and Wild Animals. The Steiff logo is printed on the front. Apart from the logo, the European Article Number (EAN) was also given on the front up to September 2000. This has been printed on the reverse side since October 2000.

Apart from the EAN, other information is also printed on the reverse side, e.g.:
 PA - polyamide
 PAC - polyacrylic
 PES - polyester cotton
Import regulations for the USA
PA 4588 DE Mass 73
White/black tag


This tag is used for limited edition articles. Items bearing this ear tag have been modeled on old Steiff products and are designated as replicas. The total number of articles produced, the limited edition number and the year of issue are printed on the reverse side of the tag.
White/red tag


This ear tag is used for special limited edition articles. These include Steiff animals that have been manufactured for specific customers or countries. The limited edition number, the total number of articles and the year of issue are also printed on the reverse side of these tags.
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