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Steiff Museum A Fascinating destination

"Die Welt von Steiff" - the museum packed with experiences and glimpses behind the scenes for the whole family

The story of Margarete Steiff GmbH began over 125 years ago. In 1902 
the legendary Teddy bear was invented.  Ever since Steiff animals and Teddy bear were gifted the famous "Button in Ear" they have travelled the world and found their way into the hearts of children and adults alike.

Perhaps they evoke happy childhood memories for some, but for all they remain friends for life.

The wonderful new "Die Welt von Steiff" opened its doors in July 2005. 


This fascinating museum is sure to enthral both young and old and provide an unforgettable experience. 

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"Die Welt von Steiff"

This unique experience is impossible to describe.
Join us on a magical adventure.

Enter Margarete Steiff's sewing room. After a moment of silence, Margarete Steiff begins to speak. She tells of her childhood and how everything began, of how a clothing seamstress became one of Germany's first businesswomen. She seems close enough to touch, and even her tools come alive...

...and then suddenly something very special happens...

...but of course we don't want to reveal everything to you just now! You must simply experience it all for yourself.

Join Knopf and Frieda in their search for the missing three thousand bears. However, be prepared to conquer the deep blue sea and the coldest artic regions! It is certainly a fantasy adventure for the whole family.


"Die Welt von Steiff" also offers a unique insight into the remarkable history of the Steiff Company documenting more than 125 years of the world's most famous soft toy company. Large, imaginative display cases illustrate the lives of Margarete Steiff and her nephew Richard together with a wealth of animals and Teddy bears.


Every day our skilled workers demonstrate how Teddy bears and animals are made using techniques handed down from generation to generation of Steiff craftsmen. You can even purchase a personalized bear made right before your eyes! Step down onto the ground floor and surround yourself in everything Steiff under one roof in our extensive Steiff Shop.

After all these experiences, surely enough time remains to reminisce about the day's adventures in our "Bistro Knopf".

An unforgettable experience for the entire family.

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